Yogurt, Not Enough of a Candida Probiotic

This friend of mine has heard a lot of good things about candida probiotics. Considering this, she wants to know if live yogurt and kraut have enough of the good stuff (acidophilus, etc), for remedial purposes or capsules are that much better. She just started using grapefruit seed extract, bentonite, and Psyllium. She certainly doesnt want to make the problem worse while stripping her intestines of harmful stuff.

I think it is great if you are doing a bowel cleanse. Probiotics (including store bought yogurt) make some people ill. Certain persons dont take them and they are getting better. Store bought kraut has fermented vinegar, which isn’t good for you. You can make your own yogurt and you can culture your own cabbage, too. You can use a small amount of store bought yogurt as a starter, as long as it has the cultures in it, and has no sugar or fruit.

It is my understanding that yogurt is not enough of a probiotic. First, you have to eat the plain, since the flavored contain so much sugar. And even if you eat it, it is just not enough. It is certainly good if you like to eat it, but most people don’t like the plain. Most of the probiotics or antifungals that I’ve seen on the net are extremely expensive. I go to GNC, Wal-Mart, and a local health food store. You really have to shop around to find high enough doses, and most cost under $25. Also, some of the local drug stores now carry more herbs, supplements, etc.

I have been in the field of yeast infection for a long time and have written many articles about candida. I hope this Yogurt, Not Enough of a Candida Probiotic article fulfill your expectation, otherwise go ahead grab my recommended report on how to cure candida fast naturally at cure candida project where you can get answers to the rest of your questions.

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