Yogurt Cheese for Your Candida Snack

I don’t use cheese cream, but I make my own yogurt cheese for some candida snack. I drain the yogurt overnight through a coffee filter in a sieve into a bowl, throw away the liquid and flavor the remaining yogurt with herbs (chives is a favorite and I grow on my windowsill). Use as a veggie dip; it is really good on celery sticks. Also, almond butter is good on celery sticks (you can take this to work with you too!). I am not much on snacking. When I feel hungry in between, I try to drink water first. Sometimes, the water really does the trick (I think I read that sometimes what we sense as hunger is thirst).

Good quality unflavored plain yogurt (fresher the better, less bitter, read the label for no sugar and active cultures) strain overnight in the fridge! Buy the good quality plain yogurt (no sugars) and make sure it has active cultures and is really fresh take a sieve or colander line with coffee filter or cheese cloth (doubled over).

Place the sieve or colander over a bowl to collect the liquid place the yogurt into the sieve/colander refrigerate overnight while the liquid drains out in the morning throw away the liquid the solids remaining in the sieve colander is your yogurt cheese. I usually flavor mine with chives or parsley or garlic and sometimes cayenne experiment with what your taste buds like. If I want to eat regular yogurt, I sometimes sweeten plain yogurt with a little stevia and vanilla extract. It is not great, but tastes somewhat like a dessert!

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