Yeast Infections Problems With Arthritis and Prostate

Does anyone know if yeast infections can relate with arthritis problems or affect a man’s prostate gland? A guy asked me about the prostate and told me that he had a yeast infection a couple of years ago. Right after that, she began having prostate infections. He asked me what medicine one would want to take if a person believed this was happening to them.

Well, my friend has been battling prostate infections for over 2 years now. He was also diagnosed with cystitis, and all sort of other problems. He was treated with antibiotics for close to 2 years, virtually non-stop. We now believe that it is not a prostate infection, or prostatitis, but Systemic Candidiasis. I’ve done extensive research and found a couple articles on Penile Candidiasis, so in my opinion, yes, Candidiasis does affect the prostate/prostate gland. Also, my friend has no external signs of candidiasis, but has horrific pain after ejaculation. From what I have been able to find, since he was on 3 different Quinolone antibiotics, he may now have nerve damage.

Regarding the arthritis problems, I have personally had seen great results with osteoarthritis in a few of my friends. One lady stored her knee brace and her elbow is also better now; another lady stored 2 knee braces and gave her wheelchair back to the Red Cross! All this treated on a single supplement they took for 2 months. Actually, most people in common took it for three months. Arthritis also responds to antioxidant protocols and detoxification. The antioxidant glutathione is especially useful in all autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

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