Yeast Infection Treatment Method After Removing Antibiotics

This friend of mine had a yeast infection 4 months and has been on two rounds of antibiotics (with Keflex and Cefzil), but the infection is only getting worse that she needs to find another treatment method. Also, the antibiotics are making her candida unbearable. She has also been rinsing sinuses with salt water and grapefruit seed extract, have eucalyptus in the air and humidifier going. She can’t bear the thought of going on third round of antibiotics. She is so allergic to them, and also to garlic, onions, oregano oil, etc. She is wondering if it could be yeast infiltration of nasal passages. Of course, the doctors say sinus infection. She wants to know what she can do with this problem.

First, your Dr. should know that antibiotics will not cure a yeast infection. In fact, antibiotics will make it worse. Do you have amalgam fillings in your teeth? If so, it has to be removed, too. The foods you listed (e.g. garlic and onions) have high sulfur content. Sulfur can dissolve the mercury from your amalgams which will cause negative symptoms in your body. I would drink lots of water and find a prebiotic (like inulin) or a good probiotic (or both). You need to rebuild the good bacteria that were killed by the antibiotics. Also, consider cleansing your colon, kidneys, and liver. You may also consider getting your mercury levels checked out. Mercury toxicity can cause candidiasis. Many people have gotten rid of their candida overgrowth after having their amalgam fillings removed.

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