Yeast Infection Problems When Our Balance Is Out of Whack

This person has had a problem with vaginal yeast infections for years. Also, because of a rash that she is having difficulty getting rid of, her doctor took a skin scraping and sent in into the lab to be analyzed. It came back saying yeast was present. Also, she has a small white dot in her throat that appears to be yeast. What she is wondering is if the yeast could be present, without it being anything other than yeast. She wants to know how often it actually turns out that the yeast is a symptom of a disease, such as diabetes.

Yeast is a part of us and it only becomes a problem when the balance is out of whack! Usually reoccurring health problems, especially reoccurring yeast infections often have to do with Leaky Gut Syndrome. I must say that yeast can give you other problems, I also had irritable bowel. When I get my yeast under control, both of them usually go away, or at least they are some what better. I was told by a doctor that yeast can usually cause more problems to the body than you can believe.

From what I understand, the yeast is overgrown due to other problems (not the other problems because of the yeast). Usually TMJ and IBS are caused because of leaky gut syndrome. Leaky Gut causes toxins to stay in the body and go into the blood stream causing many other problems such a yeast overgrowth, IBS, vulvodynia, arthritis, MS, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and many other common illnesses. Usually, starting to develop problems with yeast overgrowth is the first step to developing more problems.

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