Yeast and Candida Infections, Are They Different?

A friend who just had her results from the CDSA Test (comprehensive stool analysis) is asking the difference between yeast and candida infection. Her results were somewhat confusing. It said she had many yeast and her practitioner said this was not candida. So, she is confused what the difference between intestinal yeast and candida is. She thought candida was a yeast infection. She has tried to find out information, but can only find info on candida.

Candida is yeast, and it is common found in human (and in general in warm blood animals). It can be found in the oral and vaginal epithelium and in the digestive tract, and in the skin. In a health people, candida (mainly candida albicans) usually doesnt develop any infection, but when a given patient are under any immunosuppressive state (for example any therapy like antibiotics or steroids), he/she is highly probable that develop any infection due to candida. It is known like opportunist infection or opportunist pathogen and displays common features. Because of this and depending of the symptoms, usually it is better to discard candidiasis in the first place.

Despite of this any other yeast can develop infections, usually this infection in a health individual are not relevant or at the least are not serious. Currently, I dont remember names of other pathogenic fungi, but it can be an aspergillus. Another possibility is that this test was developed using KOH staining. This coloration showed Hyphas that are characteristic of yeast but not only candida, and thus to discard candida are necessary a specific culture that lasts a month.

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