Would We Need a Medical Treatment for Systemic Yeast Problems?

My friend asked me if we would usually have a fever accompanying with systemic yeast problem. She has been having an off and on low grade fever for weeks. Yesterday, it was 100 when she was at the doctors office. She has pain in her intestines and there was still a small amount of blood found in her urine. She just came off steroids a month ago.

Couldn’t all of this be explained by a systemic yeast problem? She wants to know the answer to that. If so, she asked me if she needs special treatment other than just changing her diet, like some medical treatment for this before it gets worse and what type of test or doctor she would need to see to diagnose and treat systemic yeast.

I run a low grade fever when my yeast acts up and I had every symptom she has had, except for the bloody urine. I had the cervical biopsies done for the “unusual” discoloration of my cervix, and it came back to be nothing, pain in the intestines, been hospitalized for it twice, and then I just deal with it at home using my own remedies. I got liver gunk and flushed it all out.

So yes, those symptoms could easily be candida. I don’t know if it is for sure. I would find a natural doctor in your area and go get tested. Once tested, you will be taking something besides just the diet. Diet alone would take you years to get rid of the yeast. There are many natural protocols out here, and remedies that you can find in your HFS. So, before you jump to the medical professions predictions, I would go and seek a natural second opinion! If I had done that, I would have been saved years of pain, tests, and misery.

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