Wonderful Progress in Treating Candidiasis With Atkins Diet

A friend does Atkins diet for treating candidiasis. She occasionally cheats with red potatoes, though. But, she is also doing a plethora of other things, such as cleanses, herbs, probiotic, homeopathic remedies, tonics, etc. This will be her forth complete month doing all this and it is only her liver that is still screwed. Otherwise, her naturopath has found that she is candida free in her colon and spleen now. She will have more to report (hopefully) when she sees her naturopath again. She knows she is not 100% candida-free yet because she still has the acne to prove it, but everything else is working wonderfully.

Another friend does the Candida Atkins diet as well for her Candidiasis now. When she was first starting out on this journey, her only intent was to get well. She got diagnosed with IBS from her doctor. Well, he said she may have this, so its better to start eliminating foods. She researched Elaine Gothall’s specific carbohydrate diet and she just was not ready to do everything. She was asking a person to do. Her husband had basically been following Atkins for over 20 years. He kept suggesting it and suggesting that she had Candidiasis. She wasn’t ready to give up all her milk and refined flour, but last year her body was. She decided that Atkins was much simpler to follow for her and it still took her most of 11 months on it to finally understand the Candidiasis. On the whole picture, she is so much healthier than a year ago and so far has lost 56 pounds as a side benefit.

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  • Just wanted to say that I am seeing really good results in following the Atkins diet to beat Candidiasis.

    It really works to cut out carbs. I eat a lot of yogurt when I crave sweet things, that helps.

    I hope your friends are feeling better soon, too. Getting rid of Candida just takes a bit of time unfortunately…

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