Whey Product and Ions Technology

Someone came across a product called Ultra Whey 24 while looking for some products on the whey. It is distributed by Vitalabs. Ingredients are Cross flow filtered Whey Protein, Hydolized Whey protein, and ion exchange whey protein, flavored with Stevia. She wants to know some comments on the quality of this product.

If the company had low-temperature refined or cold-processed whey, which would be undenatured or have peptides intact, you would think that at least one of those terms would be stated on the product label. This would be the best way to tout the quality of their product as being something other than a good source of protein. I had a look at a couple of web sites and they don’t mention it. Another thing is the cold processed whey costs more than the junk, because of the high cost of the manufacturing equipment. This product costs too little in my view. By the way, the Ultra Pro is a good product, but it is 20% sugar, and few people want to pay $20 a pound for added sugar. This is one way to recoup their cost.

Anyway, on the topic about ions technology, I had started to become interested in negative ions. In my hometown, there is this newly launch product consists of 3 “natural” technology, negative ions, Far Infrared, and Kiko “Qi Gong” in Chinese which is popular in china and Asian country. Kiko technology is required to combine negative ions and Far Infrared technology. Some of my friends in my hometown who had benefits from this technology include the following.

1. A whole family with insomnia are now able to sleep well, and many others with insomnia problem so I can say that this things works for sleeping disorder.
2. It helps some of my friend to slim down.
3. It improves the skin complexion.
4. This is the best one: My friend mother, 80+ years old, after using it for 3 months, can walk up an overhead-bridge.

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