Whey Considered As Dairy and Their Difference in Candida Diet

While being on the candida diet, my friend sometimes make a great protein shake in her blender. It is easy to digest, really tastes delicious and has really helped her make it through when she didn’t know what to eat. She makes it by pouring 1-2 cups of soy milk in her blender. She uses Jay Robb’s Whey Vanilla protein powder (sweetened with stevia), about 2-3 grams of L-glutamine powder (heals the gut and immune system), add some flax seed oil, and flax seed meal (important for the omega 3′s). She sometimes adds some ice, and enjoys it! It is delicious. She is going to add some frozen wild organic blueberries when she is better.

However, whey being the key word here. That in my books is “dairy” (as is Colostrum for that matter), and many other dairy derivations on the market which people seem to think for some reason aren’t dairy. It is small point, but it can be confusing reading these forums due to everybodys different definition of what is and what isn’t. If it works for you, though, that is great. My definition is not meant to reflect on the efficiency of the product.

While whey may qualify in general terms to being “dairy”, and rightly so, there may be a difference in some peoples’ minds, mine included, because unlike milk and cheese, whey has the casein removed, and most of the lactose and fat as well. What that means is that these three components most people are dairy-sensitive to have been removed. Just a thought, Immunocal for example is well-tolerated even by extremely sensitive individuals, unless (very rarely) the person is sensitive to a specific component that is pretty a common component to human milk, or positively allergic to traces of these components. In short, people who can’t tolerate dairy can usually tolerate good quality whey.

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