What We Should Expect in a Long Time Candida Treatment

This friend of mine who is currently doing candida treatment developed candidiasis in mid-January from a strong use of antibiotic. She has read The Yeast Connection, and now is on the strict diet with taking Nystatin, Caprylic Acid, acidophilus, and garlic supplements. Her symptoms are minimal as long as she doesn’t stray from the diet, but it is precarious at best. From her reading, she anticipated that she would get through this in a short time, but many of candida sufferers I mentioned say they have been treating their symptoms for anywhere from 1 to 6 years! Reading that is devastating and it makes her feels like there is no end to this hell.

A few questions from her are: why would it takes so long, and what should we expect? The last question is if she should up her Nystatins dosage for more effect. Her doctor prescribed 2 tablets nystatin per day, but she is reading here that 4 per day is standard

The treatment takes so long because it all depends on how long our bodies are dealing with the yeast overgrowth. It is also said that the younger we treat this, the quicker we would get rid of this ailment. There are some people reported as cured perfectly from it, while many of them can handle the beast keep quiet. Those two results can be what you might expect.

I would continue taking the Nystatin as your doctor prescribed. I would assume that he/she has a follow up appointment with you. At that appointment, you may ask if you should up the dosage and give her/him the reasons why you think it is necessary. By the way, you need to start slow with Nystatin, which maybe that is what your doctor is doing.

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