What Is Too Much and Moderation in Candida Diet?

A friend has been doing the candida diet and supplements for about 2 months now or so under the supervision of her doctor. Now, she is pretty much on her own to continue with this food program and she has a couple questions that she hopes I can help her with.

She feels great and so far her symptoms have mostly disappeared, at least the most aggravating ones. She has dropped close to 15 lbs and is at her “target” weight. She has eliminated virtually all processed foods. She uses only stevia as a sweetener, with no dairy, no boxed, packaged, canned, pre-made, etc. She can eat 1 piece of fruit (no grape, melon, pineapple) per day and use complex carbs in moderation, like brown rice, oats, whole wheat flour, quinoa, etc.

Her question is what moderation is and how we will know what is too much. A sample of her daily food is like this.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 cup of plain oatmeal
Snack: whole grain brown rice cake, butter
Lunch: salad – lettuce, tomato, cukes, carrots, chicken or beef
Snack: nuts or rye crisp cracker (only rye flour and water)
Dinner: meat, veggies, whole grain
Snack: popcorn or piece of fruit or apple muffin (from Yeast Connection recipe)

She wonders if that is too much carbs or it is ok because they are not processed. She is not sure what moderation is and she doesn’t want to eat too much of them.

I believe that although we all seem to follow a basic anti-candida diet, we need to keep in mind that everyone is different. What works for one might not work for another. This is where a daily food intake journal would really come into play for just about anyone. If you keep track of everything you eat and your reactions to these foods then you will have a much better idea of your own body. Sometimes, seeing it in print really brings it into perspective.

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