Weird Immune Response When Running for Twenty Minutes

A friend is just wondering if I could shed a bit more light on my exercise for related symptoms. She has found a few strange trends from the exercise, and was wondering if I could relate.

For one and for what its worth, if I do a short, moderate to intense workout, the symptoms last for up to 48 hours and are most severe. Then, on the other hand, most of the time that I exercise hard for longer durations (example: yesterday I snowboarded hard for 5 hours long), the symptoms are far less severe or sometimes completely absent. Today, I generally feel a normal kind of exhaustion as opposed to the usual deep physical depression I feel when the symptoms are at their worst.

It is almost as if when I go for a twenty minute run or something, the waste and alcohol from Candida gets pumped into my blood stream and stays there, causing some kind of weird immune response, whereas a more sustained regime of exertion initiates the same response but the Candida waste has time to become dispersed and my body rids itself of it, making the extreme immune response unnecessary. These, of course, are uneducated hypotheses based on personal experience.

Also, I tried to exercise a couple weeks ago on a full stomach, and I did notice a difference. The symptoms were all but absent. So many variables involved, and it seems impossible figuring it all out, but it is not bad to share anymore exercise related information.

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