Water Fasting Being a Healthy Alternative

After her latest candida treatment approach of which was a 40-day water fast, a friend bought a jar of coconut oil the other day and a free copy of Jordan Rubin’s book “Patient Heal Thyself” was given to her. It contains a protocol for candida which makes sense to her and although she already follows the diet, she is thinking about ordering all of the supplements that go along with the program and fine tuning the diet a little bit. She wants some advice on this. The protocol calls for the usage of all of his products and since being introduced to the maze of alternative medicine, she has become very skeptical about anything that is attached to a strong sales pitch. She wants to know if anyone out there has tried this particular protocol.

Water fasting can be a healthy alternative for many people. I personally did a 26 day water fast a few years ago. I was fasting with a man who did a 45 day water fast. He was trying to avoid what would be his fourth bypass surgery. He cleared the plaques in his arteries and his health dramatically improved. Many animals also fast when they have a disease. It is a natural way to allow your body the rest it needs. I would recommend that any fasting over 7 days be monitored by a medical professional as potassium levels must be monitored.

However, it reminds me of the protein starvation we have seen so many times. The synergistic effect of correctly combined short chain amino acids may be just the thing you need. Prolonged fasts will also cause heavy metals and radioactive materials to be released from the liver into the blood stream which may settle in other tissues. From what I have read this happens after 12 to 18 days or more of fasting. For this reason, I have never considered extended fasts to be safe, and have never fasted more than 10 days. Someone did tell me once that some supplements such as algae can help absorb this stuff out of the bloodstream. I am still of the opinion that shorter fasts are safer and extended fasts potentially dangerous in these times when the land, water and air are so polluted.

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