Water Always Recommended for the Detox Process

One of my new friends write me a letter reporting her candida treatment progress awhile ago. Since knowing she has the candida overgrowth, she has seen a chiropractor who practices applied kinesiology. He confirmed the candida and also told her that her thyroid was under functioning. He started her on digestive enzymes (it is Gastro-Calm called) and then when she went back he gave her Paramicrocidin (citrus seed extract) and Thyrosol. After a week on these, she felt miserable (with headaches, congestion, extreme lethargy, muscle aches, and totally spaced out).

At her next visit, he gave Thymic-Synergy and attributed her sickness to Herxheimer reaction. She felt better after a couple of days on this. At today’s visit, he suggested acidophilus and gave her Ultra Flora Plus DF from Metagenics and a multi-vitamin called Bio-Multi Plus. She still feels crappy and is hoping that this ends pretty soon. She has been following the candida diet with slip-ups often. She just feels so all around miserable and she thinks she just wants the pick-up of a little sugar now and then. She knows it is bad, but she finds all of this at once is difficult. She has come a long way in the last two weeks, though. She was a Pepsi addict and probably ate some kind of pastry every day of her life. Now, she only drinks water, at least 2 qts a day. After all, drinking much water (distilled one preferred) is always recommended for the detox process, including in ridding of candida.

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