Wasting Money for Candida Probiotics Does Primal Defense Work?

Today is my friends first day of starting the yeast free diet again, along with taking some candida probiotics. She went and bought Primal Defense and also Olive Leaf extract, multivitamin, thymuplex, and golden spleen. Her symptoms were all started 5 years ago with a bacterial infection which she took antibiotics for, and her vaginal burning would go away and then she took antibiotics again when they come back and again and again. She probably took them 10-12 times in the first few years of her problem, not to mention the countless times as a child for recurring ear infections.

She also feels like her health in general is failing in certain ways. She used to have perfect skin, even throughout her teenage years and she constantly is broken out. She has constant swollen lymph nodes for the past couple years now and she has had all the tests for explanations, but nothing has been found. Doctors just say to take antibiotic, but that was how she got here in the first place! She just wants a normal life again and stops spending the thousands of dollars on trying to save her sanity and her health. She has her whole life ahead of her and she feels like it doesn’t look the greatest. So, she wants to know if Primal Defense has worked for anyone or she just wasted other dollars.

It actually worked for certain people I know. However, the die-off was so bad that you may have to stop and rest, and then restart. I jumped in with both feet, bought 8 bottles. It killed me, but was worth it. I had an awful rash around my eyes that nothing would take away. It took almost a year, but I firmly believe Primal Defense helped me beaten that rash.

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