Vitamin B Turns Your Urine Neon Yellow and Smelly

A woman went back to her doctor today for a re-check of her candida infection. She has been doing this candida diet for maybe 2 months now or so. She has lost about 15 lbs, which is great, and she feels 100% better. It is not perfect yet, but almost. She asked about the prebiotic, too, and it is in with her probiotic. It is apparently FOS. She just added Yeast Max which is some sort of Yeast Cleanse for 2 weeks. Another strange thing she wants to consult is her urine which is almost yellow colored and smelled bad.

It sounds like she is doing really great and is on her way to better health. The problem with taking a prebiotic in the same capsule as the probiotic is that it lends a false sense of security, of doing the right thing. It is hardly enough to keep the probiotic alive, let alone being nearly the three teaspoons daily requirement to populate the bowel with favorable bacteria.

In this case, there is the added problem that their ingredient of choice, FOS, promotes the growth of many kinds of bacteria, including the ones that distorted your bowel flora ratio enough for the yeasts to move in.

Regarding the urine, I wonder if she is taking vitamin B by any chance. That will turn your urine neon yellow. They really ought to put a label on this stuff because the first time it happened to me I freaked. I don’t know about the smell, but vitamin B tablets have the nastiest smell. So, maybe that is what she smells in her bowel movements.

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