Virgin Coconut Oil As an Invented Convention

Someone I know went to both health food stores and a major grocery store in town and could not find virgin coconut oil. There were some that were expeller pressed that were refined and another one that said it was organic, but didn’t specifically say virgin. She was thinking it was the same as olive oil. So, she wonders if the stuff she found that said it is refined, but expeller pressed, is ok. She doesnt remember seeing any chemicals listed in the ingredients.

Actually the term virgin in reference to coconut oil is an invented convention. It really doesn’t mean very much; it is a marketing thing. It is not the same as when the word is used to refer to olive oil. Most coconuts (nearly all?) are organically grown, the agricultural chemical producers haven’t developed product for that market yet.

I would look for a coconut oil that is not refined with chemicals and is made with evident care, such as made as to keep oxidation to a minimum and retain vitamins, etc. When it is refined, it depends how, they don’t have to list chemicals that are used as reactants if they supposedly leave only trace amounts or are removed after refining. This is the norm in the food processing industry. They are supposed to tell you what is in the food product, but don’t have to reveal what chemical processing it undergoes. I would stay away from any “refined” oils for better deal, by the way.

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