Virgin Coconut Oil and Sulfoxime and Dioxychlor in Yeast Overgrowth Treatment

I just wanted to spread the word about what worked for me in my overall yeast overgrowth treatment. I have had vaginal yeast problem off and on (mostly on) and tried many traditional and non-traditional treatments and of course, nothing works until I find this treatment.

When I got a flare up of bad itching and pain, I used virgin coconut oil (I used Garden of Life product). I poured it in a small container and dipped some toilet paper in it (just a little as it spreads). Then, I spread it all over the affected area. I am telling you within a matter of hours the discomfort disappeared! Nothing else works that quickly. Especially being that it is something natural. Many times, natural therapies tend to take a little longer. Keep in mind that this is not a ‘cure’ for your vaginal yeast. With this, I still have a persistent white discharge that never goes away, but that is not really what bothers me the most from candida.

There is also Sulfoxime and Dioxychlor, which said to be working effectively for any fungal infections. Just like Homozon, they will work in the bowel but can’t have the effectiveness, speed, or generality of effect that ozone can. If you want, ozone/oxygen can also be given IV just like dioxychlor.

Homozon, which is magnesium peroxide, won’t release chlorine as a by-product and it is in my view a better choice for releasing ozone in the gut. Peroxide that would be absorbed in the upper tract and stomach can also be useful, and ozone given IV or as a steam sauna will be the ‘big gun’ in the rest of the body just as it is in other diseases. That is coming from a certified ozone therapist.

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