Very Strict Candida Diet When You Depressed

Someone is confused whether she should continue her strict anti candida diet or not. She has gained another weight in the last 3 days she spent after seeing a doctor who told her the only way you dont lose weight is when you eat too much. She spoke to a friend who said to her this morning that it is not a rocket science where you lose weight when you eat less and exercise. Her mother is sick and she is feeling guilty. Her job sucks while there is no love life, which she just ended a relationship 2 months ago. She is still very missing it and sitting too much on the computer takes away from her self esteem. She spent the last 3 days eating very little and no carbs and no yeast producing foods broke it. She wonders if at this situation she still has to continue her diet.

Absolutely, I would say dont go on the very strict diet for now. If there is a way to go for one thought that feels better find it. That is all I can say. Watch a comedy, pet a cat, do absolutely anything you can to feel better. If chatting with a friend is better then do that. Things always get better. Go for the best feeling place you can find even if it is not the most positive it is a little better feeling. Don’t beat yourself up. For one thing you can’t weigh yourself every day. I would do it once a month or at the most once a week. My husband has lost about 30 pounds on Atkins and used to weigh himself all the time. It was driving him nuts so he does it once in a while now. He steadily loses although when he does weigh often it shows a big up and down turn on the scale. Be kinder to yourself.

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