Untreated Bacterial Vaginitis May Lead to Pelvic Inflammatory

Someone already have this yeast problem and now again she thinks that she is getting bacterial vaginitis again. This is why she is in the situation that she is in with this yeast thing. The doctors put her on triple antibiotics for over 2 months and she told them she can’t take all that medicine because it will give her more yeast problems. But, as you already know how they are, there is no such thing like that. Anyway, she asked me any natural medicine that can cure bacterial vaginitis. She has been looking everywhere, but can’t find anything. If she goes back to the doctor, he will just give her more antibiotics again, and she just can’t take anymore since she is at her wits end with all the stuff.

She had several infections and the antibiotics she took have contributed to the Candida problems she is facing now. She has been searching the internet, but so far has not found an answer. She tends to get some level of irritation almost every month. A lot of times she find that using an acidophilus gel cap vaginally helps, but this time she thinks it is a bacterial infection. She read that if you leave a bacterial infection untreated, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. One thing she knows is that she does better taking a vaginal antibiotic cream rather than an oral antibiotic; at least then you are killing the bacteria (good and bad) in only one part of the body. After that, she would definitely follow up with the acidophilus!

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