Unsweetened Carob Sugar Content for Anti Yeast Diet

My friend just discovered she has candida infections, thus she wants to get started on the anti yeast diet. She also asked me if plain unsweetened carob is ok. Her health food store carries unsweetened carob covered almonds that are awesome, but she can’t seem to get any good information on if the carob feeds the yeast or not.

I personally believe diet alone will never take care of the big bad yeast. It is part of the whole picture. I feel getting the digestive track back on track is the key to candida. I also believe getting some fresh air and extra oxygen into the system is the key also. As far as diet goes, I feel it is important to eat healthy and stay away from junk, live a clean life style, but to be so strict all the time is not necessary, if you incorporate digestive enzymes, plant based, HCI from beets, a good probiotic (which is so important), inulin, parasite cleanses, liver cleanses, etc.

If you drink pure filtered water make sure to put the minerals back in, I don’t like the taste of minerals, so I add fresh lemon juice to my water in the summer and use 1 bag of green tea in a big pot of water then add mineral and lemon juice. I can think of so many things if you need more tips to rid your body of Candida symptoms. We will always have it and everyone does.

Regarding to the question for unsweetened carob, 1 tablespoon of it has 7.110 carbs of that 3.184 of fiber, and the rest is sugar 3.926. It is a personal choice of whether or not it has too many carbs. So, take your total carbs minus out the fiber and then there is the sugar carbs. It is up to you to take it or not, but I warn you to only have it in moderation.

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