Unrefined Oils Description and Examples

My friend that just begins doing the anti candida diet was recently discussing fats with a friend of hers who is a dietician. She is of the opinion that coconut oil is one of the worst there is. So, of course, this leaves her confused as I have often tell people that the coconut oil is great for killing candida. She needs some more information on this, and she also wants to know what exactly unrefined oils are and what it has to do with candidiasis.

From what she wrote, I believe her dietician gets her information from someone else’s brochures rather than the data, the research, so she is misinformed and confused, too. I think her friend is still in the Stone Age regarding fats and oils back to the time when nutritionists practically lynched theater owners because they were popping their popcorn in coconut oil! Recent research is beginning to show the marvelous beneficial effects of the stuff.

Regarding the next question, I may explain unrefined oil as oil that has not undergone heating, bleaching, deodorizing, etc, during any stage of its processing. Another term for it would be cold-pressed, virgin, extra virgin, etc. Even though in the case of virgin oil, some heat is generated by the pressing process, and in one method to extract coconut oil, the oil derived from fermented coconut cream is later dried out with heat. Some oils, such as coconut oil, have been tested and found to kill candida and many infectious organisms.

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