Understanding the Sense of Adding Prebiotic As Your Daily Need

Does your doctor recommend establishing and maintaining the correct bowel bacteria with a prebiotic for treating candidiasis? People with bowel candida got that way by not having enough prebiotic in the bowel. Candida is opportunistic; the correct bowel bacteria do not provide the opportunity to colonize the bowel, but they must be fed occasionally to survive and do their job.

If you use a prebiotic, you will be able to be a little freer with the carbs, but I wouldn’t recommend even in moderation. A prebiotic feeds the good bacteria without appreciably feeding the bad bacteria. You need 15 grams daily prebiotic in your mix and if it is absent, there is a lack of control of what goes on in the bowel.

People take probiotics like they are going out of style and probiotics help to correct, in a small way, the bacterial culture in the feces. But, by failing to feed this culture with prebiotics, the good fecal culture will be up to a million times less numerous than it should be. In addition, this good culture is supposed to stick to the bowel lining like a living mat, a crucially important strategic position to occupy. This requires better living conditions such as food, so they can replicate and increase their numbers, and suppress the bad organisms and yeast as is their natural function.

If you increase the prebiotics and thus the good bowel bacteria, your colon will not produce so many toxins, and you may not need the adrenal support if you are taking it now. Toxins impose a huge energy load on the body, and the adrenals pump up to take on this load. Trouble is that elevated adrenal output suppresses immune response and adds to oxidative stress. So, this involvement should be minimized, not by increasing adrenal output, but by removing the need for this increased output by reducing the load back to normal values.

Sugar-free inulin prebiotic is available from only one retail source world-wide. It is for people who need it that suffer candida, diabetics, and those with bowel dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s, and colitis, who can not tolerate the sugar or short chain polysaccharides in regular inulin.

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