Tricks for Swallowing Pills Easily Without Choking

Someone wants to know if I have a problem swallowing pills. Whenever she takes them, it feels like they get stuck in her throat and then if you burp you get this horrid medicine taste. She takes them one at a time with lots of water, but she still has that problem.

I have learned that women’s throats are narrower than mens, so we sometimes have a harder time swallowing pills. Also, most people throw their heads back when taking pills, and that actually makes the throat narrower, or so I have been told. So, try keeping your head straight when taking pills. Sometimes foods will make it easier, like putting the pills in yogurt or peanut butter, for example. This doesn’t work for me, but works for some people. And yes, the gulping water and food chasers are both good ideas, but the pills have to go down before you can chase them.

I think it is called “rice paper”; you cut necessary piece for the tablet and then wet it a little, so the rice paper becomes manageable and you enclose the tablet in it, and then swallow it with water. The rice paper is very slippery. My mother used to do that for us when we had difficulty with swallowing tablets.

I used to choke on my pills all the time, so I know how it feels. I believe that the only best way to do it without choking or them getting stuck is to relax! Don’t worry about the swallowing, try to open your throat as much as you can by relaxing. Also tilt your head a little bit back for pills that sink, and hold your head straight for pills that float.

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