Treatment With Magnesium Oxide and Affordable Source of Amino Acids

Someone is doing candida treatment and she wants to know more on amino acid and magnesium oxide regarding their function to the treatment. She is also eager to know of any low priced amino acid blends since the costs she has seen are extremely high and out of her price range. Or simply, she needs to know of a basic blend that would be good to start with and affordable. She has also just found out regarding biochemics type of alternative medicine with magnesium oxide and needs to get more information on this as she is getting curious if it is the same as homozon.

For HGH release, a specific blend and concentration is required. Amino acids compete for absorption so for this purpose we don’t use them all. The Somalife is that scientifically formulated, patented blend from vegetarian source. Amino acids are strictly controlled by Health Canada for personal use only, so I don’t have much data for other amino acid blends. Some, most, are derived from bovine protein. For general health, you might buy a low concentration of about 22 amino acids, or just eat eggs and cold-processed whey; they contain the essentials and they’re affordable.

Magnesium oxide is not the same as Homozon, which is magnesium peroxide. There is a magnitude of difference in that magnesium oxide is a poorly absorbed mineral supplement, and magnesium peroxide is a very strong ozone therapy, which then depreciates also into a poorly-absorbed mineral supplement. Ozone kills all manner of infection, and Homozon will clear the bowel candida and offer quite a lot of oxygenation throughout the body, which may, repeat may, just tip the scales enough to cure systemic, too.

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