Treatment to the Burning Tongue Without Thrush

A woman always has a burning tongue even when she doesnt have thrush, which she gets often. To her condition, I have seen toxin load actually cause several cracks in a person’s tongue. Candida imposes a huge toxin load, and perhaps more importantly, the bowel dysbiosis that you are guaranteed to have along with the candida imposes an even larger toxin load than that.

I would get to the inulin and maybe probiotics and restore bowel flora as soon as possible, as some of the unwanted bacteria can cause crohn’s, colitis, irritable bowel, and even bowel perforation and peritonitis, which is fatal. Of all the things we discuss, inulin is the cheapest and probably the most important.

I wouldn’t use coconut oil while you’re firmly in the ‘building’ phase of the bowel exercise because it can also kill good bacteria. Once the bowel bacteria are well established, it can then take the hit. So, I would go on a program of antifungals (the kill phase) including the coconut oil and whatever else depending on if you’re treating systemic and vaginal candida too, then continue with the coconut oil, inulin, and probiotic (starting build phase) at a high dose short term while you try to culture bowel bacteria, then drop the coconut oil for a couple of months while continuing with a probiotic and inulin.

Inulin alone can feed the good bacteria and then we wouldn’t need the Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli for supplementing if there are those bowel bacteria to start a culture. The inulin alone will work without probiotic help, but some people have had their bowel bacteria practically wiped out, or they have a very competitive foreign strain, so they might like to try the probiotic to speed things up by quickly populating the bowel with a transient bacteria or yeast, or to kill the virulent strain.

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