Treating Eczema Due to the Immune Problems

Has anyone here successfully treated eczema with the candida cure? A friend of mine has been on the diet for three or four weeks now. She was seeing some improvement the first week, but now it is getting worse. She knows a number of people have said that it may take months for the diet to help, but she said she is really getting frustrated. The ugly red patches and itching are driving just getting her more depressed. In addition, she is a very busy person between full-time work and work on her dissertation. It is really a pain to have to go to such lengths for her meals. She can’t find anything in the campus eating establishments that she can eat. She spends her evenings trying to fix a dinner she can eat along with something for the next lunch.

Eczema is an immune system dysfunction that is usually triggered by toxin load, malnutrition, poor health, stress, or trauma. Many say eczema is a symptom of poor liver and digestive function; read “The Amazing Liver Cleanse” by Andreas Moritz. All types of immune problems can be resolved with a few nutritional supplements (foods actually) that are deficient in the diet and are conditionally essential to health. Plus diet restrictions that you are already pursuing.

I have contact dermatitis which is similar to eczema, and what a year so far with it. The thing that helps me out is putting Colloidal Silver on the area, to bring down the redness, swelling and the itchiness. My friend has a son with eczema and she swears by flaxseed oil. She has been giving him this in his drinks and his skin is much better.

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