Treating Burning Tongue From Candidiasis

How many people with candidiasis those suffer from burning tongue? One of my friends went to doctor and he said it could be from lack of vitamin B, so she is trying that also. It is very confusing when doctors dont believe in candida and after a while it makes you even doubt yourself.

I have had it for months with candida and you are right most doctors basically laugh at it. One of them made me so mad I just walked out on him. He treated me for a while and then gave up on me and tried to tell me it is all in my head. That was pretty much it for the Sacramento area, as a called at least one hundred doctors and found no one who deals with candida. I have found that a good diet and lots of probiotics and some other things can get it under control.

In the past, before I knew what the candida was, I have on occasion suffered from the tongue burn. It was awful and you have to eat as much raw veggies as you can. Try to stay away from processed food. It will burn at first, but get some raw organic apple cider vinegar and dilute a couple caps in filtered or spring water. Clean your toothbrush in it as well. Of course, continue with supplementing the vitamin B complex. The yeast free formula is better for you. Follow a candida diet and it will go away fairly quickly. Stay away from it with some lifestyle changes.

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