Tracing Antibiotics Use Being Candidiasis Cause

A woman I know says that for her candidiasis cause, she can trace her antibiotic use back to when she was 2 years old and was hospitalized for a complicated medical trauma. All her life, she has been sick on and off and of course, on antibiotics. She is now 42 and she has seen GPs, Internal Specialists, Neurologists, ENTs, headache specialists, had allergy injections for 11 years, etc. She has also tried many other avenues like acupuncture, self-hypnosis, countless herbs, etc. She was on epilepsy medication for my headaches/migraines, which she gets 7 days a week. She lost her health care several months ago and only works part-time. Maybe losing her health care was the best thing so far, since it is forced her to seek other alternative methods more aggressively. Without money, there isn’t much that can be done.

She was even approved for Rhizotomy about 2 years ago, which is where they go in and deaden nerve endings with radio frequencies, in order to try to stop the headaches! She wonders why not just give her a lobotomy. Since going on the GNC Pro-Biotic formula at 6,000 mg per day, she has noticed a significant reduction in her headaches/migraines. Which, considering Systemic Candida can affect hormones, and migraines are supposedly hormonal, well, it is all starting to make sense to her finally.

She is amazed that the traditional medical community does not acknowledge Candidiasis as a real disease. Moreover, they are the ones who create a huge amount of it by prescribing antibiotics. She is imagining if only traditional doctors would recommend probiotics to their patients that they put on antibiotics!

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