Toxin Loads Connection With the IBD

IBS is just an MD term for something wrong with the digestive system. The cause of IBS is usually due to problems with the digestive system; problems with too much toxic junk in the body. The problems will not go away automatically, but they are definitely curable. I am posting a basic IBS/IBD therapy that is useful for everyone regardless of their disease. It addresses toxin and other issues that are overlooked by a lot of therapies.

If it sounds like you have toxin issues all right, you should better read more. Toxins may be a cause of IBD; it is known that toxins not only aggravate bowel disorders, but they can cause immune system dysfunction as well. I will post a general plan that will improve everyone’s ability to dump and break toxins and improve cellular function. This is in addition to nutritional and dietary concerns such as improving bowel flora with sugar-free and FOS-free inulin, your choice of fats (saturated are good, unsaturated produce free radicals and oxidative stress), reducing starch, and pH control.

Toxin load results in increased acidity levels and reduced oxygen content to the cells for example. This is one reason why diabetics for example have higher cancer rates. Oxygen (oxidizing) is a major mechanism of toxin breakdown. Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded two unshared Nobel prizes for his work on the relationship between low oxygen levels and cancer. Toxin load also results in malformed cell receptor sites. All of our cellular functions including the immune response and the ability to grow and repair rely on properly formed receptor sites for messaging and control.

The glyconutrients in the glycoproteins the receptor sites are made of can be converted back and forth in micro amounts, but it is an energy-expensive 15 step process that sometimes fails. If a person has been sick, toxic, traumatized, malnourished or under chronic stress, failure to convert these sugars and form proper receptor sites can result, probably because the body is conserving energy. Glyconutrients can be taken orally for the time being, until the boy is healthy enough to start creating them again. These are crucial to health, and even ‘healthy’ people benefit in ways they don’t expect, by taking them.

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