Tons of Sweet Causing Major Symptoms

A friend of mine had pneumonia when she was 3 and was in the hospital, ate tons of sweet her whole life, and had strep throat (and antibiotics) almost every year up until she was in college. She is planning on getting her thyroid level checked even though she doesn’t have any of the major candida symptoms as she knows them.

Another good friend had been really tired and spacey and gaining weight lately. She has always been a rail her whole life, like me. She thought it was just old age. I mentioned candida to her and she thought it might be a possibility, but she didn’t eat that much sugar or bread, etc. She just had hers checked and it turns out its pretty much out of commission so she has to take thyroid supplements. I was having the same symptoms before I started treating the candida. I have lost all the extra weight plus a little more. I am actually underweight now and but it is at a constant weight. I don’t have the sugar cravings and I’m definitely not as tired as I used to be. I’ve always been pretty active, even when I had full blown candida.

I know in dogs, subclinical low-normal thyroid is associated with aggression. I had my dog aggressive Catahoula tested and sure enough he was borderline low. So, he is being treated and I’m starting to see subtle changes. Even though the major symptoms don’t present themselves (so the doctors don’t put all the subtle symptoms pieces together) these things can still affect our health. That’s why I think its so important we try to gain as much knowledge as we can to help ourselves

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