Thrush From Candida Instead of HIV Positive

A few weeks ago, a friend went to her doctor because she had 3 or 4 canker sores and a little white spot about the size of a pinhead on the inside of his cheek (which the doctor told her was thrush). The doctor prescribed a nystatin/lidocaine mouthwash which he used for several days and the white spot disappeared along with the cankers. His question is if any other HIV Negative males have had thrush. He has heard that you can get it from being too stressed out, taking antibiotics, and eating too much sugar (all of which he is guilty of). But, his doctor said that thrush typically only happens in HIV+ males. Now, he is freaked out. He wants to know if there are other people out there in this situation.

My friend who has systemic candidiasis also has canker sores and thrush. He’s tested negative for HIV, twice. He freaks out, too, since he keeps thinking he has HIV, but with 2 negative tests, everything leads back to the candidiasis.

Well, I am not a male, but I have thrush and I have had on and off for years and I dont have HIV. Doctors sometimes say the fool things to people, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to get checked if you think that it is possible (just to put your mind at ease). Anyway, mine is caused by to many antibiotics that I have been on over the period of my life, so yes you can have thrush without having HIV. I am living proof of it.

Many people get thrush as another symptom to go along with the candida. HIV patients have problems with their immune system breaking down. People with chronic yeast infections, chronic fatigue, IBS, leaky gut, etc also have the same problem of their system breaking down. That is probably why both HIV positive people and we (people with the above problems) have similar symptoms

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  • Joe

    I, too, have just been told that I have tested positive for candida. The lady from the doctor’s office called me and the first thing out of her mouth was to get an HIV test and I’ve been freaking out for two days now. I got bloodwork done today, but am scared too death. I think it may be from too many antibiotics becuase I used to self prescribe because I’m a hypochondriac and would take them anytime I thought I was sick. But I’m very scared and wont get the results until monday. I believe I’m very healthy, but when the nurse called me, I freaked. I am so glad that I found this site… makes me feel a little better, but hope and pray that I get the same answer and you all did. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for having this site up.

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