Therapy Suggestion for Systemic Candida

My friend is currently taking Threelac for her systemic candida and here is what I think: I am seeing some changes in him, but will admit it is very slow and very difficult to regulate. It is very expensive, but when all else has failed, you should try it. It might be something you are fitted to, or else you can take refund if it doesnt work.

About Nystatin, Nizoral, etc; the problem with them is that the candida builds up a tolerance to it and eventually stops working. Also, they are very expensive, and if you stay on it long term, which most people need to do, once you stop, all the problems return. It is more like treating the symptoms than the problem.

My sibling herself is currently on 6,000 mg per day of a Pro-Biotic from GNC. She is definitely noticing changes, but her condition isn’t as severe as my friend. It will be interesting to see which helps more, his Threelac or her Pro-Biotics or both or neither. By the way, they believe they both have Systemic Candidiasis, so it is not a mild condition by any means.

I suggest you doing ozone therapies. When all else fails, this therapy succeeds. It is reliable and it will clear toxins and infection. It is not cheap, but you will see an end to disease very quickly. For systemic candida, I would recommend ozone therapy, as ozone is effective every time. I believe Threelac is best suited to bowel candida.

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