The Needs of Serious Medicines and Therapies for Chronic Candida

A person asked if there have been any significant findings lately on chronic candidiasis. For as long as she knows, she feels that everybody is just trying to sell their yeast supplements that do absolutely nothing for chronic candida. She believes we need doctors to recognize this as a very serious disease, but they dont seem to care or they laugh at it. Anytime she eats anything with sugar or yeast, her body turns into retard mode. Her brain gets all slow, and she gets headaches, her rashes flare almost immediately, and also headaches, confusion, and a million other hurting things. She really thinks we need a cure for this with serious medicines and serious therapies.

Well, that is right, people and especially doctors should recognize that this is a serious problem in developed countries with such high use of antibiotics, exposure to chemicals, and sugar filled diets. I think the motivation behind keeping this “secrecy” is that doctors are partly responsible for this problem, as they are the ones prescribing powerful antibiotics for a variety of ailments, contributing to candida overgrowth and the numerous symptoms associated with candida. And who knows, there is a large pharmaceutical industry out to make money, and if we eliminated candidiasis, we would be eliminating a multibillion dollar industry that treats only the symptoms of candida overgrowth (chronic fatigue, eczema, allergies, etc). However, it is really hard to find a doctor that will actually acknowledge candida as your problem.

If you mean blood and lymph infection, macrophages that have available essential sugars that may have been deficient in the diet more than triple their activity against candida albicans and presumably other pathogens. Doctors can look this up; glyconutrients are in their standard medical reference. Regardless of what else you do to kill systemic yeast, you should keep in mind that if your immune system is functioning correctly it should eventually kill the yeast and other pathogens off. Always support your natural immune responses.

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