The Best Colon Cleanse to Detox Your System

I was being asked by someone what I use after the flush as a colon cleanse. Andreas says in his forum the only way he knows of to get any residual stones out of the colon is to do a colonic, so that is. She wants more information on what the best colon cleanse or detox there is on the market to buy.

I was using colosan, but didn’t get it until after my sixth flush. If you can afford the colonics, it is best. According to Andreas, a colema board is second best, and you can find then for around $135 online. I have gotten stones stuck, and it is not pleasant, so it is best to take your time, and follow Andreas’ advice. Diet is also important. I went way off mine, and have had a lot of trouble again. The last flush wasn’t a good one because of it. I have done enemas after flushing my liver to help get stones out, but it doesn’t do a real good job. It doesn’t reach far enough.

The best colon cleanse is a colonic. If you can’t afford that, colosan is a good choice. There are a couple of things similar to colosan, but it is the least expensive. You can also consider getting a colema board, which is the next best thing to getting a colonic.

The best way to detox the liver is to get the stones out. Curezone site has info on how to do that, as well as forums on cleanses to ask questions if you need to. A good diet and periodic fasting seems to be the basis for building health. It is more about having a healthy life style and diet than finding the right quick fix. It bugs me when people want herbs and health promoting methods to be used like drugs for a quick fix. I guess that’s the way our society and the medical system has conditioned the population.

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