Telling Your Chosen Health Plan With Smile

This friend of mine just wondered what to say to someone who says they don’t know how you can eat what you eat. When she tried the candida diet, she didn’t feel any better for it and it was depressing. She doesnt feel much better for it either, but she doesnt know how to explain it to someone like that.

I have found that the best way to answer a question is with a question. If you are asked as to why you eat the foods you eat, ask that person if they have ever had candidiasis or if they know any facts about the condition. If they ask what candidiasis is then just ask them if they ever studied into the digestive system or if they know the difference between the good and bad bacteria in the intestinal flora.

As far as it not helping then, ask yourself if you have been on the diet for six months or better. If not, you are certainly did not give it a long enough chance to work. If they asked why you stay on the diet then, you need to just simply, sincerely and positively state that you are choosing to eat healthy to feel better. State the facts about how harmful an unhealthy diet is. Study and know your facts, then you can answer these question with confidence as well as become the picture of health. Healthy attitudes will do wonders for your physical health and appearance. So, put on your smile when you talk to people about your chosen health plan.

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