Systemic Candidiasis Treatment With the Ecology Kit

A woman asked me if I had candidiasis or systemic candidiasis and wants to know what treatment I have been taken. She is curious if I have taken Feed n Seed with Yeast Avenger, or just one of them first.

I had systemic Candidiasis. When I was a child, I used to get strep throat every winter and they used antibiotics, I would get ringworm really bad and they used something for that topically. I had a very high sugar, high junk food diet, my mother passed away when I was 9 years old from her bad eating habits. So, this was the start of my Candidiasis. I am now finally symptom free, but I know I will always have the fungus Candidiasis because it is present in everyone’s intestines. I started trying to get a handle on this in the last years.

I used the Oxygen Elements, which is a good product. I purchased the Ecology Kit, but returned the FOS, and bought the FOS free Inulin. I didn’t repeat the below, I did just purchase the Feed n Seed Enteric Capsules, which I really like. Each kit from Ecology Kit contains Yeast Avenger, Feed n Seed Powder, Feed n Seed Enteric Capsules, and Flourish FOS. I didn’t use that many products, though. The Yeast Avenger is a fungal killer, and a really good one. The Feed n Seed is the probiotic, the powdered Feed n Seed gets to the throat and stomach and first part of the intestines, the enteric capsules get to the lower intestines.

For years I suffered pain and embarrassment from repeatedly catching a yeast infection. However, I was fortunate that I discovered a very holistic way to cure yeast infections by naturally eliminating the root cause associated with these irritating infections. Visit Cure Candida Project to learn how I treated my yeast infections and how you can to.

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