Switching to Atkins From Anti Candida Diet

There is a report letter from my friend who just started Atkins for her candida control. She has been off the anti candida diet since 4 months ago since her itching was so bad. Then, she thought of the Atkins diet. She started with cutting out dairy and currently is working on cutting out coffee. She had 2 cups of black coffee only and it is less compared to her 4 or 5 cups. She has to work and can’t handle the headaches and nausea unless someone has an idea for that.

She also got the results of one of her cultures (for the itchy rash) and it is Strep B. She went because she saw that on the internet and tomorrow she finds out some of the other results. She got amoxicillin to take 2 times a day. She hasnt taken an antibiotic in years and only 2 or 3 times in her life. All the natural stuff she used didnt work. So, she would take heroine to stop this itch. Her sanity is at stake.

The doctor told her Strep B is normal in the vagina and even in the rectum, but can have overgrowth just like yeast can. It was news to her. She is thinking that it is a good grief. She hopes the strep B doesnt feed off the other things the yeast doesnt like. She digressed. She started Atkins and will just see how she does. Of course it is minus milk and even Atkins bars as the sugar alcohol she is not sure about.

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