Swelling and Bloated Caused By Toxin Load

A woman has been battling yeast and candida symptoms for many years now. When it acts up, not only she gets extremely bloated in the abdominal area, but she will get hand swelling as well. It seems from talking to everyone that the swollen abdomen is a pretty common yeast symptom, but she was wondering if anyone else has hand swelling.

Some of my friends have hand or feet swelling. The edema is caused by toxin load, and that can include too much sodium in the diet. The body tries to dilute the poison. Use more potassium. And in order to eliminate the toxins you have been accumulating, you should do a series of liver/gallbladder flushes to get rid of physical liver duct blockages the hepatic stones cause.

This will assist liver function in expelling toxins to the bowel and quenching free radicals, with the help of the cold-processed whey and selenium and other antioxidants you are hopefully already taking. If you are not, you should then. The glutathione produced is your liver’s main support and the liver is attempting to deal with your toxin load.

On another note, I found out that it wasn’t the amount of the inulin per day, but the amount per dose, that was possibly causing some people’s gas as they tried to correct their bowel bacteria levels with it. A better way to use inulin to avoid the discomfort is 3 level teaspoons 3 times daily or 3/4 teaspoon four times daily. This prolongs exposure time of the inulin to the bacteria using it and it gives you an optimum dose without cutting back. You can still reduce the dose of you absolutely must. The inulin can be mixed with anything hot or cold and it will still work.

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