Sulfur Source to Chase Mercury and Produce Glutathione

Someone is reading a book on amalgam toxicity (she has had amalgam fillings in her dental work) and it states that glutathione is not helpful for Hg toxicity. The book states NAC is better. It also mentions that MSM can release the Hg into the body and cause further problems. She is currently taking MSM and colloidal silver. She has noticed that her health is getting worse and she is scared that she is doing more harm than good. She sleeps only 1-2 hours a day as she has severe insomnia. She is tired throughout the day. She did not have these symptoms prior to the CS and MSM therapy. She wonders what my thought on this.

NAC is acetic acid, vinegar, bound to the amino acid cysteine for easy absorption. Neither acetic acid nor cysteine binds to mercury on its own. The cysteine is used to make glutathione, which escorts mercury from the body. In the cells, and to some extent in the blood serum, glutathione will deal with low levels of mercury. This is a natural survival mechanism, and you can make use of it while you are chelating. But, they are right that oral glutathione supplements themselves hardly work at all, because they are not well-absorbed, and even intravenous glutathione does not get into the cells where 90% is needed.

NAC is a glutathione precursor that gets into cells. Cold-processed whey also contains cysteine precursors that get into the cells. The difference is that NAC must be taken every four hours or so, it has toxic effects at the doses required (500 mg x 5 times per day), and it doesn’t supply any bioavailable protein. The whey does not supply cysteine in its toxic form, so you wouldn’t expect side effects with the whey.

If you are chasing mercury, there are better things to use than MSM as a sulfur source. One of them is cold-processed whey, which contains sulfur bearing amino acid chains, and also produces the glutathione that you are looking for.

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