Sugar Types That Can Feed the Candida

This person is somewhat confused since all the stuff she has been reading on candida overgrowth suggests the elimination of all sugars from the candida diet. She doesnt know enough about medicine or chemistry to make sense out of it without extensive study. She wants to know the source of glyconutrients (what foods do they come from) and wonder if they would be appropriate while trying a diet to reduce candida. Also, she wants to know which sugars that candida can use. She has been looking for this information but hasnt been able to find a breakdown anywhere.

Mannatech’s glyconutrients come from Aloe Vera, which is treated to allow the separation of the single sugar molecules we need to utilize. Aloe gel is usually a pretty strong polysaccharide chain. The polysaccharides have attributes that are specific to chain length. Although there is a small amount of two sugars that the candida could use, it is perhaps half a gram, not very much, and they will be absorbed before they hit the bowel.

Most of the sugars that one has to avoid are ones the candida can use. Glyconutrients are for the most part, not them. Out of 200 sugars, we and the candida can make energy from only a handful. Glyconutrients are used more like a vitamin, not burned as fuel. Specifically, macrophages exhibit increased activity against candida (in the blood) when they have the correct glyconutrient available.

You would have to do searches on the candida studies that involve each sugar, but most sugars are not widely available in great quantities, so we can dwell on the ones that are. Fructose, glucose, sucrose, xylose, and maltose for sure can be used by candida. Generally speaking, the sugar molecule would have to be a monosaccharide or disaccharide, but many of them are not fermentable. Candida albicans does not produce the specific enzymes required to break bonds on polysaccharides or indigestible fermentable starches with chain length over 2 or 3.

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