Sugar Cravings and the Natural Sweeteners

When talking about sugar cravings, my friends kinesiologist said no sweets, no sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no honey, no syrup, and the list goes on. Yet, she has seen a few people on here refer to natural sweeteners being ok. It is more conflicting when her naturopath says that natural sugar such as from fruits, maple syrup, and honey is ok because your body processes them differently than refined sugars (which have no nutritional aspects and even take away from other nutrients in your body).

She then guessed it really all depends on how you feel. If you eat something that you know you have no problems (sensitivities) with coffee or tea, you can add some honey and see if you have problems. Her naturopath said eating naturally sweet things such as fruit or natural sugar (maple syrup, honey, stevia, corn syrup) in moderation is okay, and she just has to stay away from any refined sugars (glucose, fructose, molasses, dextrose, sugar, cane sugar, cane juice, etc).

They are wrong, yet they offer an opinion. Natural sweeteners are usable by candida. What he should have said is that candida and yeasts evolved over millions of years to use natural sugars and starches, but they happen to be able to eat processed ones as well. How your body processes these sugars is immaterial if the candida gets to them first. All your carbs, refined and natural, go to the liver to be either converted to glycogen or fats.

My Holistic MD said no sugar, no honey, no maple syrup, no corn syrup, no molasses, etc. The only thing that’s acceptable is stevia. The artificial sweeteners are toxic to your body and the natural sugars except stevia promote the yeast/bacteria growth. For the sugar craving, I started taking Chromium Picolinate. With in 2-3 days, it cut my sugar cravings drastically. Sugar cravings are usually due to some type of deficiency, so the Chromium Picolinate may help with deficiencies.

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  • BluRed

    I love eating sweet and sugar foods. The problem is I gain weight. My friend told me that I should avoid sugar cause it has high calorie content. That is why i’m using natural sweetener cause it has low calorie content. I enjoy my sugar cravings without gaining weight. By the way the name of the natural sweetener is Natvia.

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