Sucralose in Atkins Shakes for Candida Diet

Someone wonders if Atkins Shakes are okay on the Candida diet. She wants to make sure if there is no sugar in them.

Well, I guess it depends on what kind of diet you are following. The sheet my doctor gave me says no processed foods at all, and I am sure the shakes are processed in some ways. I was told to eat healthy, as close to “natural” foods as possible. In other words, if you wouldn’t have eaten it 100 years ago or you make it from a box, package, can, etc, it is probably not a good idea. But, it was not an Atkins diet. I was on a candida diet and the doctor I went to right then didn’t feel Atkins is healthy. So, perhaps you need to choose either Atkins or candida and not mixing the two.

Anyway, there is Sucralose in them, a non-digestible sweetener. I am sure many people will tell you it is bad for you, none the less, although there is no clinical evidence to support this that I am aware of. There are those that worship “Stevia” sweetener and consider users of any other type heretics and cast outs; like Sucralose will cause you to grow a third eye or something. I say as long as you are not drinking it like a fish, you will be fine.

I am not saying it is good or bad for you. I just presented that information for all to make their own judgments. Doctors aren’t going to tell you, assuming they even know the information is out there. I just believe in making sure everyone has all the information that is out there, good, bad, skewed, or whatever. It is up to them to do the research after that and make their own decision. Since dealing with candida, I try to eat as clean as possible and I know there are other people who want to do the same.

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