Stool Type After Doing Liver Flushes

My friend has done 7 flushes so far. She used the colosan after the flush, but it did nothing, because she managed to screw up her bowels again. In the 3 to 4 weeks preceding her last flush, amongst other things, she ate somewhere between 20 and 30 candy bars, a loaf of bread, 18 to 24 hard rolls, 12 bags of microwave popcorn, 3 dozen cookies, gallons of ice cream, pizza, and over 10 boxes of cereal. And the worst thing is, it wasn’t a physical craving, it was psychological. After finding out that she could eat these things again without the bad reactions, she went overboard.

The colosan had been working the way they said that it would, and I was curious if it would clear the stuck stones from my colon, but she doesnt sure. The colosan causes liquid stools. She doesn’t know if not having the gravel root will make much of a difference. She thinks it is one of the ingredients in the Hulda Clark kidney flush, too.

Another friend has been taking the colosan for about 10 days now. Her stool looks (not to be gross) like a huge, loose cow pie in the toilet. She wonders if this means that it is working. She is taking Oxygen Elements along with it.

If the colosan doesn’t work for you at first, it could be your body absorbing the mineral in it, which I believe is some form of Magnesium. That happened to me. I think, with that kind of stool, the colosan works. If I take colosan on an empty stomach, I get watery stools. Otherwise, it pushes the stools out.

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