Stevia Brand Recommendations

Someone I know asked me what brand of Stevia that I or those of my friends use as sweetener in our candida diet. She bought a couple and it is very bitter. She wouldn’t use it much, but maybe occasionally in hot tea, so she wants some suggestions.

Well, one of my friends uses the one comes in green boxes as packets called Sweet Leaf/Stevia Plus. Another friend use NuNaturals. It is a powder and has no bitterness. She gets it at the local grocery store that happens to be very progressive in the products it carries. I personally have two types. I give it to my children at night in their sleepy tea. One is called white stevia in liquid form. The other is in the green packets described.

It is not bitter, but I remember trying to mix it into something once that I was making and it was bitter. That is very strange and I haven’t had it happen since. The only thing I use it in now is iced tea. A friend of mine who uses Stevia told me the ones I have both have malitol, which disagrees with many people. She told me it is made without it. I got the liquid version at GNC and the green packets I get from the Edgar Cayce catalog where I order my massage oils. I get a discount since I am a massage therapist. I have heard that stevia plus is the best brand, but have not seen it.

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