Standard Length of Time That Elapse After Infraction

One of my friends has looked at some of the most popular candida diet philosophies out there between SCD, Feingold, and NFNC. She needs to be gluten free for now as she tested positively to sensitivity here. She is leaning towards the SCD except would be pulling out the fruit angle. She has heard good things about this as with the best comments coming from people that modify it a bit. Or she thinks she is maybe missing something basic like one for candida specifically program.

Tonight, her daughter who has yeast overgrowth, too, started whining that she was hungry. She knows it was the yeast beast inside talking because she had a few pieces of candy at school, but beyond a few choices she was out of ideas to even offer! One general question she asked is: is there any standard length of time that elapse after an infraction and when the symptoms appear? They are trying to untangle all of this, and are often perplexed with the timing. Her worst time is always at night. It makes her wonder if it was dinner; lunch (takes that long to do its thing); or maybe just an out-of-gas and end of the day thing.

I was told that what you ingest stays in your body for 4 days. I dont know if that mean that you will feel the effects right away, but for me I dont want to go for a month denying myself of the things I crave to throw it away for 15 minutes of pleasure and then have to fight for 4 days again to get back to square one of recovery.

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