Soy Product Doing Harm in Anti Candida Diet

This person for one says she does much better since including soy into her anti candida diet. She digests it much easier then meat protein and she loves the taste of Tempeh, a fermented soy product. She doesn’t use a lot of soy milk, but she uses it for protein shakes, or soy creamer for her coffee. She used to follow the ER4YT blood type diet, and she is an A blood type that maybe why she will do with Soy, while not all people do. She doesnt follow the diet because she feels there’s a lot of hole in his theories.

She also uses digestive enzymes and once she found a brand that worked great! She has improved a lot with her bloating and symptoms. Also, other supplements have really helped. But, with the itching, you need to start with a strict intestinal cleanse. Use a good yeast killer (Yeast Avenger) and then a good pre and probiotic. She uses some oxygen therapies, and the weight is finally coming off with a good eating program. She uses the Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin. She works out every other day and it is very hard.

Just to let you know that body builders who switch to soy from whey as a protein source start to lose muscle mass. The reason is biological value. While a good whey isolate rates up to 159 on the biological value chart (eggs are 100), soy protein isolate is about 80. That is half as good, about par with fish. Beef is even lower. The point is that you may do even better on whey isolate than soy. In addition, there are plentiful animal-based essential amino acids in whey that are low or missing in soy.

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