Snowed Important Information Being Responsible for Millions of Death

A friend thinks that the story regarding what is good and what is not good for candida diet changes all the time. Don’t eat this oil or don’t eat that oil; but oil is also good for us because of the omega 3, 6 and 9 in them, she believes. She just tries really hard to stay away from the hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils because they are supposed to be the worst to ingest.

The point where she is wrong is that the story has never changed; certain oils are truly bad for you. The research has always said that. Research, however, does not spend a lot of money on advertising. Sickness is big business, and healthy people are bad for the bottom line. Dont they always talk about “growing your business” in business circles? Where are the growth potential and the continually escalating profits if no more people are getting sick?

What happened was the Heart and Stroke Foundation was launched with the help of Big Pharmacy, with a mind to sell heart and stroke drugs. They started disseminating incorrect information in their brochures and media quotes about oils to eat (to get us sick and sell more drugs), and the seed oils industry quickly got on board and said “yeah, what they said, eat our oils”. In fact, the research has never backed up the story. Always remember, this is not an impartial body. It is using its quasi-authoritative clout to undermine our health, and this information, which has snowed two generations, is responsible for millions of deaths.

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