Simply Taking Sauteed Garlic to Keep Candida Under Control

I have found that sometimes there are simple things you can do with your candida elimination diet to help keep the candida under control or even kill it. You can eat lots of garlic. I just buy the bulbs, purple is best, but hard to find at regular supermarkets, and I try and add it to whatever I might be cooking. Raw is best, but even slightly sauted would be ok. Just add it in towards the last of the cooking. I added some in my omelet this morning. I also use Pau d’Arco tea. I buy it in bulk at the Health food store, but you may have to order it online.

I keep a pot with it on my stove all day long. I just keep adding a little more of the tea as I go along and make another cup. I must drink 4 or more cups a day and I make it pretty strong. It helps just to have a comforting cup of tea. I add stevia and a little non-sweetened soy milk. I have been through a lot of types of Stevia and you want only the kind that has no fillers in it. I found that the brand ‘Kal’ is very good, and really helps a lot. Now, I know you might have to look around to get some of this stuff, but once you find sources, just plan on stocking up. If you are just started, I suggest you to eat no dairy and practically no grain. Then, you can add some grain when you are better and maybe some Kefir also.

I also eat some organic raw almond butter, which I just eat it out of the jar sometimes. But, it is good on celery, too. It is so good and sustaining and I really love it. It seems to digest much better than eating the nuts, for some reason.

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